Course Plan

Projekt and construction manager
Stephan Kalt
Course design Stephan Kalt
Consultant David James
9 Loch-Anlage, Par 31 Gelb = 1’666 m Rot = 1’408 m
CR 60.2, SR 109 CR 58.6, SR 101
Course Rating


Course Overview

hole 1

PAR 3         Yellow 100m  Red 95m
In sight of the ofice area, the first hole sees you tee off towards the Mythen range, which stands as an imposing backdrop. A simple hole to get you started, with a greenside bunker to the left and a slightly sunken green. At a respectful distance to the right of the green stands the famous
“Druid’s Stone”, which ist listed in the cantonal register as a protected heritage item and described in a range of publications.

hole 2

PAR 3 Yellow 77m  Red 66m
A short hole, where a good tee shot can leave you within putting range. The green is surrounded by imposing boulders that were deposited here some 15’000 years ago. Out of bounds to the right of the green.

hole 3

PAR 4  Yellow 259m  Red 211m
A short, difficult hole that can only be negotiated with an accurate tee shot onto the fairway. The flag is approached over a protected hazel hedge. Long hitters aiming to reach the green in one shot will face multiple difficulties (trees, bushes, rough) to the left and right of the fairway and behind the green. The rather large green adds to the difficulties presented by this hole.

hole 4

PAR 3  Yellow 143m  Red 132m
A challenging hole with a large green that good players can easily reach in one shot from the tee. Several fairway areas are provided for less proficient golfers on the otherwise natural unspoilt terrain. In the background, the green is framed by a striking group of trees. During green contruction, an interestingly layered rock was uncovered a fair distance to the right of the green.

hole 5

PAR 4  Yellow 256m  Red 235m
An ascent up old restored golfer pathways takes you to the teeing ground at hole 6. An extremely naturally undulating fairway that demands an accurate drive. To the right, there ist the threat of a steep drop with deep rough. To the left, the edge of the fairway is delineated by tress and hedges. a short dogleg to the left. The green makes use of an existing flat surface where a green used to be located in the past.

hole 6

PAR 4  Yellow 306m  Red 233m
A dogleg to the right with a generous fairway. From the rear tee, a 130-metre drive over deep rough is required to reach the fairway. The green is framed by old and newly planted fruit trees that are part of a governmental project. the heavily undulatin green is protected by a front bunker.

hole 7

PAR 4  Yellow 245m  Red 199m
Uphill dogleg to the left wih a blind drive to a generous, natural unspoilt fairway. Long hitters are guided right onto the actual fairway by a newly planted group of trees to the left. A good tee shot and the heavily rooling, slightly elevated green can be reached from the second shot without great difficulty. Two greenside bunkers to the left an rights.

hole 8

PAR 3  Yellow 128m  Red 117m
A downhill hole of medium dificulty. The teeing ground opposite the “Druids Stone” is arranged on two levels. The two-layerd green demands a precise approach. The clearly visible pblic hiking path will not pose a problem. Hikers heve right of way (local rule).

hole 9

 loch 9
PAR 3  Yellow 152m  Red 120m
A long final hole in front of the clubhouse terrace, which is well protected against mishit shots by fences, hedges, trees and rough. The terrace grants a clear view of the interesting green, which is guaranteed to provide for the odd amusing incident.